All About Gemstone Part 1


I have been selling Sterling Silver for over 30 plus years and I noticed that many minerals or geological forms of rock are made into Jewelry and Set in Sterling Silver much more often that in Gold.

So in this series I will cover various aspects of stones. This includes the various levels of rarity, hardness and beauty.

 Series #1 - How Crystals Are Formed

 Hot gases and mineral solutions rising from the molten layer of the Earth up to the Earth’s surface form crystals. As this molten layer cools, the atoms arrange themselves into patterns of three-dimensional lattices, creating what we know as crystals. The special structure of a crystal allows it to absorb, amplify, and transmit electromagnetic energy that can be tapped and used to heal and energize. Some gemstones also go through a crystallization process, which transforms them into crystals.


Not all crystals are gemstones, and not all gemstones form into crystals. Snowflakes and grains of salt are technically crystals, for instance. In this series, I am going to focus on gemstones and crystals that come from natural minerals, rocks, and other organic materials, particularly those used in jewelry. You are going to learn about the different types of gemstones and crystals, their qualities and properties, and how to care for them. We will also discuss the various magical properties of these gemstones and crystals, and how you can put them to use in your life.


Each person has a unique connection with certain gemstones and crystals. In this series, you will discover which ones you are most connected with!


Many people own gemstones and crystals, but most people do not realize the true power that these stones actually possess. Take a closer look at all the gemstones and crystals that you currently own; did you know that each of them has unique and powerful energies that can be used to help you? If you learn how to use these stones’ energies, you can manifest almost any desire! You have unlimited powers in your possession to create your dreams, and what you create is only limited by your imagination! 


In our next issue, we will cover what gemstones are considered Precious and what gemstones are Semi-Precious. Stay Tuned...*


Tiger Eye and Smokey Quartz


Amethyst Natural Pendant


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