Our Story

Mission Statement

To service and treat our clients and customers with promptness, dignity and respect with attention to detail. We buy goods as consumers as well so we understand how important being satisfied and more importantly being happy with a purchase means. It means getting a quality product easily conveniently and at bargain prices.

To service our representatives in an exemplary fashion while they sell and show our unique Designer Sterling Silver line of jewelry. To train, support and service our independent representatives in their sales efforts and to provide them with a vehicle for their own career advancements with unlimited income opportunities.

Our shows are conducted in a professional relaxed and fun manner with enough merchandise for the participants to ensure they have plenty to chose from and to assist them to buy as much of our Designer Sterling Silver Jewelry as they want to own. This includes whatever financing we can offer and to be totally user friendly in our approach so as to make the whole buying experience fun and exciting for all our valued clients.

Our presence on the Internet is such that we have plenty of beautiful Designer Sterling Silver to choose from and that we deliver all merchandise ordered promptly and exactly as expected in terms of time of delivery as well as quality of merchandise.

The end result of our efforts shall always be ecstatic independent representatives, clients as well as customers.