November Newsletter 2021


I get this question sometimes and it’s like hearing nails on a black board to me.
Why you may ask?! Because it doesn’t have to!

by Mary Elizabeth Glosup, The Jewelry Lady

I’m sure just like me, you want your jewelry to stay beautiful! So here are some very simple tips for both gold and silver…. 

The first and please don’t get angry is, don’t wear it to bed and shower in it. Can you? Of course, but then you might have to put some elbow grease into cleaning it. Showering gets soap film onto our jewelry, our normal moisturizer, perfumes etc. as well, and you will see your jewelry dull over time. To handle gold that has dulled, my trick is to cover the piece with very hot water, add some liquid dish soap and a splash of ammonia and soak it for a bit. (plain gold, not any stones) Rinse well and then dry with a blow dryer, of course not holding the piece while drying as you will burn the heck out of yourself.

Now for sterling silver it’s rather simple. When you aren’t wearing your silver, keep it out of the air. Silver reacts with the air. It’s as simple as that. The air and the silver together generate a sort of a film called a patina. So just keep it in a closed container when you aren’t wearing it, like a plastic bag or a box.  Honestly, if you even just put it in the dresser drawer that helps. Additionally, our natural oils DO keep silver clean however it will dull over time as well due to perfumes etc, but is easy peasy to clean up with our home recipe. In fact perfume applied with your silver on is often the culprit to any silver turning black in addition to being left in the open air over time like on a jewelry tree. Go to to see our blogs on how to clean silver.

The picture above shows how to store your sterling silver. The little black tab is an anti-tarnish tab or you can use a small square of a piece of aluminum foil too. It helps keep tarnish away. While at our shows we are happy to give you plenty of our recycled plastic bags for your storing of silver jewelry.



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