Designer Stainless Steel Rose Earrings
Designer Stainless Steel Rose Earrings
Designer Stainless Steel Rose Earrings

Designer Stainless Steel Rose Earrings

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  • HYPOALLERGENIC - NICKEL FREE will never tarnish.

  • FAMOUS FREE MINI-JEWELRY SURVIVAL KIT WITH PURCHASE Includes must-have necessities for Jewelry.

  • NO-NONSENSE! Wear the most fashion forward jewelry

  • HIGHLY POLISHED - LOOKS LIKE STERLING SILVER These Roses were designed by us to provide an awesome alternative to the sterling silver offered for so much more $$ in Jewelry Stores Nationwide.

  • Every Woman who wears these should expect to be bombarded with compliments of how beautiful these items are.

  • BRAND NEW! Wear it all the time as often as you want for as long as you want - no cleaning required - We have sold these for years for MORE than w

  • Designer Stainless Steel CUSTOMER SERVICE - THE BEST, emails calls answered IN 24 HOURS 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Why is all our Jewelry better than any on Amazon?

Is it because we have been in the Jewelry business for 30 plus years? Yes.

Is it because we care about our customers more than any other seller on Amazon? Yes.

But perhaps the #1 reason we are the best on Amazon is because we offer our Mini Jewelry Survival Kit with every purchase of our Jewelry.

Our Mini Jewelry Survival Kit is VITAL for anyone who wears any sort of Jewelry. With it comes

•4 Plastic bags to store your Jewelry
•4 rubber earring nuts to keep your earrings securely on your ear
•Tips on the care of jewelry
•Tips on the cleaning of jewelry

We are a small business and we really care about all our customers. This is why our customer service is the best. Who else shares their personal cell phone? No one but us. Go ahead, call me and see.

We have the best guarantee in the business on or off Amazon. We are not some huge Store, we are a Ma and Pa business and we are proud of it. We do not even have a jewelry store and so we pass on the savings we get on having no rent and other bills to YOU, our valued customer.

Buy from us with confidence, you will not regret it.

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